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We care about your privacy. https://digielan.com/ keep the information of visitors private and do not use it for harmful purposes. When you come to our sites we collect and protect your personal information.

In addition, we only require some information to provide better service to you. We don’t ask for and save your information without taking permission from you. If we get it, we save it in a proper and valid manner for your security. We will tell you why we collect your information and how we use it to provide a better service.

Why we collect your personal data and how we use it


When any visitor on our website makes a comment on a post then we save the data like name and email address for privacy and safety purposes. We only ask and collect your information to provide our services.

Your information will be safe with us and we do not share it with third-party apps or websites and publicly.


If any visitor makes a comment then they fill in their name and email address on our website. This information will be saved in cookies for privacy and to allow you to comment without saving personal data again. This will be saved for one year.

If you log in on our website with your personal data, then this will also be saved in cookies by taking permission from the browser. It lasts for two days.

Your information we can store for privacy and safety purposes like misuse, disclosure, unauthorized access, loss, or theft.


When you upload any images on our website, please check it should not contain your location. Other visitors can get your location data and they can misuse it if you don’t be careful.

Other site links

Our website may contain links to other websites which are operated by them. So we cannot take responsibility for these sites because we have no control over the content and their privacy policies. Be careful and take safe actions on these sites.

Security of your personal information and your rights

This is your choice to provide us your information or you can decline it. We want the information to provide better and customized services only. If we do not get it, we are unable to provide services.

You can also request us to give you the file of your personal information that we saved for privacy. We can also delete and erase all your data present and saved on our website if you will request to do it.

Contact Support

If you have any questions about our privacy policy and how we will collect and save your data, we are always here to answer your queries.