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What is Google Blacklist Warning

What is Google Blacklist? Everything You Need To Know

Google has been dominating the world of search engines. It has become the most used search engine in the world. No wonder people spend a fortune on perfecting their Search Engine optimization in order to rank better on the Google search Engine.

However, it is always to move forward safely without landing on the Google Blacklist. Today we are going to find out the details about Google Blacklist and what exactly are the factors that contribute to your landing on that list.

You can find out all the details about Google Blacklist and you can use this article to make sure that you do not end up on that list. So let’s go ahead and start checking all the details.

What is Google Blacklist?

Google blacklist warning

There are millions of websites that exist on the Internet. It is often believed that Google does a live search of the Internet for the query that the user has searched for. This is not true at all. In fact, it is far from the truth.

Google has a list of websites that show up on the search results. The list gets updated every day. This list of websites is maintained in Google Index.

So whenever a user searches a query, the search engine searches through its index and shows the result which is most relevant to the query that the user has entered.

Now, there are websites that Google sees as a threat and unfit for the general public. These kinds of websites are often maintained in a different list. The index which indicates this list is known as the Google Blacklist. Websites are added to this list for various reasons.

The most common reason is the presence of malware or spyware or virus present on the website that can breach the user system upon arrival on the website.

Now the website itself may not be responsible for the hack but the websites are held accountable and are made to face the consequences.

This means that the website would be added to the Google Blacklist index. And this means that the website would not be shown in the search result.

The task of adding websites to Google Blacklist has been regularly carried out by thousands of crawlers and bots that have been deployed by Google to find websites and add them to their index. They put more than 10,000 websites every day on the Google Blacklist index.

How does it impact on being the Google Blacklist?

Well as soon as you get added to the Google Blacklist, you will start noticing the impact that it makes on your business.

You see when your website is added to Google Blacklist, it no longer is populated on the search results. This will lead to the following things happening:

1. The traffic on your website will drop drastically.

2. A great loss in revenue due to lack of traffic.

3. A name on a blacklist of Google will surely impact your reputation. It will become almost impossible to recover from that.

4. All the hard work and revenue put into the SEO of the website would become obsolete.

5. Your pageviews will also take a drastic hit.

And if even someone is hell-bent on visiting your website, and tries to access it by entering the direct URL of your website in their address bar, they would encounter a warning from Google stating that the website may not be safe to visit.

This will only further contribute to an already tarnished reputation and image of your website.

How do you know whether your website is on Google Blacklist or not?

Well, this has a simple answer. You can try accessing your website through the direct URL of your website. If the Google warning notification appears, then you are on the Google Blacklist. And you might have to start working on getting it removed from the Google Blacklist index.

You can also use various tools to check whether the search engine has your website on its index or not.

If the website is not on the search engine index, then you are going to notice a huge drop in traffic to the website. You can use Google-provided tools to check that information.

Google Search Console is a tool that is available for you to use by Google. You would have to register on the tool and verify that the website is your property. The tool will allow you to see whether your website is on the Google index or not.

Google Analytics is also another similar tool. This will allow you to see all the traffic that is visiting your website.

If you see any huge changes in the website’s traffic, it probably means that the website has been blacklisted and is no longer visible on the search results.

Why does a website get Blacklisted?

We have discussed this above as well. However, let’s dig into this further to clarify it even further. The most common reason as I have already mentioned is that the crawlers and the bots deployed by Google find some suspicious or malicious code on the website.

They take that code as a threat and add the website to the Google Blacklist index and also put a warning notification for the visitors of the website. Such actions can torment your website and your brand name.

Websites that were created through WordPress are highly likely to appear more often on this blacklist. Why? here is the answer:

Why WordPress websites are easy target to get blacklist

Because WordPress has thousands of themes and plugins for you to use. Every time you add any of those, you are allowing a piece of code to be embedded in your website source code that you do not understand.

It was designed by someone else. Hackers all around the world are aware of this. They make use of this information and know that your website is vulnerable at this point. They use their code to infiltrate your website using those themes and plugins.

Most themes and plugins are often outdated and no longer receive any updates as the developer has abandoned the project altogether.

The hackers make sure of this opportunity and lure you to continue using the themes and plugins by presenting an update for the same theme and plugin.

However this time around, the hackers embed their codes to steal your data, user information, and many more things.

Hence, all of this would be detected by Google’s bots and crawlers. This will lead your website to land on the Google Blacklist index.

How can you avoid getting on the Google Blacklist?

Well, there are many things that you could do to make sure that you do not end up on this list for good.

Because if you land here once, your reputation is going to be as good as gone. And it will be gone forever. It will take a lot of work to earn that back.

So try your best not to lose it in the first place. Here are some thing to avoide yourself get into google blacklist.

1. Secure your login details

You would need to ensure that your website login details are safe. In order to do that, you can enable CAPTCHA and a two-factor authorization login system. This will make your website more secure and less prone to hacking attempts.

It is also important that you make sure that the login details are unique, and that the password that is being set by the user to log in on your website is not a weak one.

Make sure that the passwords are not common and provide the users with samples of passwords that they should use and then come up with the password.

This would help the user create a unique and strong password that would be very hard for anyone to crack.

2. Update your WordPress Site regulerly

For WordPress websites, you have to make sure that you regularly update your website. Make sure that you remove all the themes and plugins that are outdated.

Constantly update your website to make sure that it remains up to date, and does attract traffic. This will also help you avoid the hackers who make use of outdated themes and plugins to infiltrate your website.

3. Use Security Plugings

Also, you can try the iThemes Security Pro plugin on WordPress. This plugin helps you to avoid all the hassle of updating the themes and plugins as this plugin will do all that for you.

It will make your website more secure and you do not have to constantly work on avoiding any breaches or hacking attempts on your website. This plugin will do it all for you.

4. Avoid Nagetive SEO (Black hat SEO Practice)

You can also avoid some of the bad practices of SEO. SEO spamming is one of the most common reasons why a website ends up on Google Blacklist. So try avoiding that.

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I hope that this article was able to clear all the doubts and questions that you had about Google Blacklist. And even for some reason, you do end up being on Google Blacklist, you can also get off it.

You can get your website removed from the list and added back to the index list by doing certain things.

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