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10 Best Places To Advertise Your Business Online

Do you want to run a successful marketing campaign with online advertising for the growth of your business? Just sit tight and read this post carefully, we are providing best places to advertise online that really help to boost your business growth.

We have done complete research on these platforms and we have used them before. So, feel free to use these platforms.

Nowadays, online advertising is more popular than offline advertising. With the help of online advertising, you can increase your brand appearance all over the world. So, why would no one want to use it?

You don’t need to pay the whole amount in one transaction for the advertising, you have to pay according to the clicks you will get on your advertisement. In other words, it is known as Pay Per Click cost.

There are various online platforms available for doing online advertising, but all platforms don’t work properly. And if you are a beginner, you don’t want to spend time doing research. In this post, we have compiled a list of the best places to advertise online.

Benefits of Advertising Online

There are lots of benefits of Advertising online you need to know before making it happen.

  • You have to pay for every click rather than the whole amount in one transaction
  • This can be used for any size of business
  • You don’t need to spend your time and money searching for advertisers
  • You can promote your brand to the worldwide customers
  • With worldwide customers, it helps to increase your sales and business growth
  • You can stop the advertisement of your business anytime

So, these are some essential benefits of advertising online. I hope you find it useful for your business also. If you are also excited to know about the best platform to advertise online. So, let’s go through it.

Best places to advertise online

1. Amazon

amazon, a best place to advertise online

Amazon is one the top of our list of best places to advertise online. This is because Amazon has a huge audience that helps to display your products to a large audience. You can imagine if a platform has more than 300 million users, how it will make an impact to increase your sales.

There are various types of advertising offered by Amazon like:

  • Sponsored Displays
  • Sponsored Products
  • Sponsored Brands

So, give your business a chance and launch a marketing campaign on Amazon. After launching, the ads about your products will appear on Amazon’s online store and Amazon’s devices. Believe me, this will really help to grow your business.

2. Google Ads

google, a best place to advertise online

We all know about Google and its Market shares. So it is beneficial to advertise your business on Google AdWords. It is a paid ad used for a particular keyword, if any visitor on Google searches for a keyword and you are using paid ads for that keyword, then your page or website will appear on the top rank in the search results.

Google uses a cost-per-click model for its platform. In which you have only to pay when any visitor clicks on your ad. This model is very effective for every business. So, you can use Google Ads to advertise your business to reach a broader audience.

3. Bing Ads

bing, a best place to advertise online

Bing is a search engine similar to Google but does not have so many users. You can take the advantage of fewer users because due to them there is low competition. When there is low competition, the chance of growth of your business will increase.

Bing Ads also follows a cost-per-click model for a keyword. It means you will pay only for the click, not for to appear your ads at the top of search results.

With these search engine ads, you should actually launch the marketing campaign for your products and services. Because, when people do shopping online they spend more time on Bing. So, you can get higher conversions for your business.

4. Facebook Ads

facebook ads, best place to advertise online

Facebook is the best social media platform to advertise online. It has 2.9 billion active users worldwide so you can use it as a big market opportunity to promote your business.

There are many groups available on Facebook in every category where you can advertise easily. Or Simply you can use Facebook ads to advertise as images, promoted posts, and video ads.

Facebook Ads generally show on the messenger, home page, and videos page where people spend their time more. So, this platform will help your business to interact more with customers with the help of ads.

5. YouTube Ads

youtube ads, best place to advertise online

YouTube is the best platform to advertise online through video. It has more than 5 billion active users who watch billions of hours of videos every day. So, it is the best option to invest in advertising.

As we know video makes more impact than images and texts, so YouTube under Google Ads will help to create the best video for your advertisement.

The payment option for YouTube ads is different from the other ads as it is for video ads. It depends on you to make payment for every view or click.

Just launch your marketing campaign on YouTube ads and get your business growth.

6. Instagram Ads

instagram ads, best place to advertise online

Instagram is also known as the best social media platform after Facebook. It has more youthful audiences than any other online platform. You can create your ads with better visual quality here.

The ads created here can be used on both Instagram and Facebook because both are managed by the same Business Account Manager. The payment or bidding for a keyword on Instagram is also similar to Facebook.

If you have a business of products for the youth generation like fashion products, technology, sports, and food, then Instagram will help to reach them and get more conversions for you.

7. LinkedIn Ads

linkedin ads, best place to advertise online

When we talk about social networking sites, Linkedin also takes place in our minds. LinkedIn helps to create a network of people with similar thoughts and there are also lots of groups that you can join easily.

With the more network advantage, you can advertise your business on this platform to promote it easily. Lots of professionals also use LinkedIn ads because they know this is a platform full of professionals.

If you are solving problems with your business solutions, then Linkedin ads will actually help your business to grow.

LinkedIn allows you to use ads such as sponsored posts, sponsored videos, etc. It will show on the homepage, and in the top right corner of the user dashboard.

There are lots of competitors’ bids for a specific keyword for the targeted audience on this platform. If your bid gets successful your ad will show to the audience, and if you will get clicks on your ads, then you have to pay per every click.

8. Twitter Ads

twitter ads, best place to advertise online

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms to advertise. It has a broad audience from all over the world. All posts here are made as tweets, hashtags, etc.

You can also use this to promote your business. You need to start bidding for a keyword with the targeted audience. Apart from bidding, you can also make hashtags and tweets a trend for your business.

When you use this, there is more chance that your trends will be seen by young people. So, you can increase the visibility of your business with this, and get more ROI.

9. Pinterest Ads

pinterest ads, best place to advertise online

Pinterest is basically a platform to post ideas and suggestions. Lots of people use it to get solutions for their needs. So, if you are giving solutions with your products then you must use this platform and share your product with ads.

You can use images, and texts here easily to promote your product to a large audience on Pinterest. Because of the trust and its easy-to-use interface people like it most.

So, you should make use of this platform for your business. I believe you will get a return on investment for your marketing campaign on this platform.

10. Yelp

yelp ads, best places to advertise online

Have you heard about Yelp? it is a new platform in the market to find local businesses. In the beginning, it started as online reviews platforms but it is growing with time and now is on our list of best places to advertise online.

This platform is used by people to find near local businesses, and if you also have a small business in a local area then you can also use this platform to promote your business with the help of ads.

You can easily create listings and banner ads to appear in the top rank of search lists of visitors. So, you should take a chance on this platform and check if this really works for you.

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We hope now you get the ideas about best places to advertise online. All platforms are very popular and have a large audience. If you are a beginner, then you should take try to promote your business with the help of these platforms.

You have to compete for a keyword by bidding to make the ads appear to the targeted audience. All these platforms work on models like PPC (Pay per click) or CPC (Cost per click) in which you have to pay only for ads when you will get click on them.

If you are excited to advertise online and ok with all processes of these platforms, then why are you waiting for. Choose the best platforms according to you and spend some money and grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to advertise online?

Basically, the cost of advertising is different for all platforms. We are going to tell you about the price of the two most popular platforms which are Google and Facebook.

For Google Ads, the average cost per click is $2.32 and the average cost per action is $59.18.

For Facebook Ads, the average cost per click is $1.72 and the average cost per action is $18.68.

What are the examples to advertise online?

We can advertise online in ways like:

  • Listings
  • Banner ads
  • Video ads
  • Links
  • Images

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