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10 Best Website Traffic Estimator Tools for Competitor’s Research

Are you worried that you are not getting traffic on your website even if your website has good content? And your competitor getting traffic on their website better than you? Website Traffic Estimator Tools are essential tools for the growth of a website.

Website Traffic Estimator Tools will help you to find the strategy of your competitors. These tools also help you to do research about your competitor’s website.

You can ignore it but there is really competition increasing to get to the top of the rank. Every website owner works hard on their content and they are making a strong strategy.

If you want to beat your competitors, then you should use Website Traffic Estimator Tools. These tools will help you to get information about how much traffic a website gets, whether the traffic is organic or not, and from where they are getting traffic.

You can improve your strategy and apply it to your website to get to the top of the rank with the help of these tools.

Now let’s get in-depth about traffic website tools

What is the Website Traffic Estimator Tools?

Website Traffic Estimator tools are basically used to do competitor research and to get information about clicks, conversion rates, and website traffic. And with this information, you can improve them on your website.

These tools can help to check data about website users, where they come from, and how much time they are spending on a website.

These tools are used to demonstrate how a user spends their time on a given site. It gives complete analytics of a website like keywords, users spending time, their sources (organics, backlinks, or paid ads), the number of site visitors, SEO, etc.

Features of Website Traffic Estimator Tools

If your website has good content and you have done everything like keywords, SEO, and more, but you are not getting your results that means your competitor has a stronger strategy than you. They can outsource you easily from the rankings with their strategy.

Traffic estimator tools will help you to understand your competitor’s strategy and improve them to beat in ranking factors.

There are some features of these tools you need to know

  • It helps to make your content strategy strong and helps to provide better keywords, SEO, etc
  • This tool helps to get the idea about web pages which means which page is working fine and which page needs improvement
  • It gives details about the number of viewers, and their interests on a website
  • It gives you better specific searches through search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to provide you with better keywords

Now let’s know about the Traffic Estimator Tools which will be suitable for you.

Best Website Traffic Estimator Tools

1. Similarweb

similarweb homepage

Similarweb is a tool used to know about the traffic performance of your site. You can check any app or website performance data, audience research, industry research, advertising, or affiliate marketing with this tool to check the competition.

This tool is helpful for small and mid-sized business customers. This tool is trusted by big companies like Amazon, Google, Adidas, and Pepsico. That’s why these companies have more site visits.

This tool helps you to detect fraud, engage sales and generate more leads. This gives you access to view the website’s insights and data. When you will get the complete data of your competitor then you can build a better strategy.

There are some features of Similarweb :

  • It has both free and paid plans.
  • It can help your website to increase monetization.
  • This tool can access all data available on a website.
  • It can rank both apps and websites.

2. Website IQ

website iq homepage

Website IQ is used to get detailed information about any website. It gives you statistics reports from the last 10 years and all necessary data like comparison charts, growth charts, organic keywords, and social media activity to increase your website’s traffic.

If you are a website owner or digital marketer, then you have to check the links, domains, etc. which drive more customers. You can analyze the websites depending on your niche to improve your decisions.

This tool can help you to make better decisions when evaluating and buying or creating a website. It helps to improve your website’s SEO and provides better keywords to increase traffic. This tool can be used by web professionals.

Some essential features of Website IQ are :

  • It provides both free and paid version
  • This helps to find sales and partner leads
  • It helps to find attractive links and keywords
  • This tool helps to discover new competitors

3. Ahrefs

ahrefs homepage

Ahrefs is a traffic estimator tool to show the estimated values of the volume of searches of keywords and the number of visitors coming to a website from those keywords.

If you want to get the traffic estimation of a website, then go to the site explorer and enter the URL there and you will get exact and accurate data. You can make improvements in your web pages like SEO, and selection of keywords to increase traffic to your website.

This tool is the best-paid website traffic estimator. In starting you can use it as a trial by spending $7 for 7 days, after the trial you can continue with the monthly and annual subscription if you like and your website really needs this.

This tool offers many options like Backlink checker, Organic traffic research, Paid traffic research, and Keywords Explorer to help you get every data from your competitor’s website to make a stronger strategy than them.

The features of Ahrefs are :

  • It gives accurate data
  • It gives you the best keywords from over 150 million keywords
  • Its Backlink checker is big and fast
  • This is the best-paid tool

4. Semrush

semrush homepage

If you want all research tools in one, then Semrush is for you. It offers tools like backlink checker, SEO checker, keyword research, and to do PPC research.

To get detailed insights into your competitor’s website with this research module, then go to the homepage of the website and paste your copied URL and then press ‘Enter’.

This gives you all data and metrics in graphical format which is easy to understand. It gives data like traffic analysis, backlink research, domain overview, organic research, etc.

The features of Semrush are :

  • It gives data in the form of graphs
  • It is easy to use and understand
  • This is user friendly
  • Analyses organic keywords

5. WooRank

woorank homepage

Woorank is a new tool in the field of SEO. But it gives some useful tools to do website research. This gives you complete insights into your competitor’s websites to make stronger strategies and be ahead in rank and traffic.

If you want to do research on your competitor’s website, then make a list of their websites and write their domains. Now go to the webpage of this tool and enter the domain and click ‘search’.

You will get detailed insights like keywords, backlinks, SEO, traffic, rankings, etc. to completely analyze your competitor’s website. You can get weekly reports of your competitors and can manage multiple websites at a time with the help of this tool.

Some features of WooRank are :

  • This tool gives results in instant time
  • It comes with a 14-day free trial.
  • It can manage multiple competitors.
  • This tool analyses technical performance

6. SiteChecker

sitechecker homepage

Sitechecker helps you to check the competitor’s website traffic and the percentage of traffic they are getting from different channels. This tool can analyze different channels in different periods of time.

You can make a list of what keywords they are using, their backlinks, and a number of paid ads to get the most traffic on their websites and to increase site visitors to get to the top of the rank.

To make a better strategy and beat your competitors, you need to check the status of your website for the last six months and compare it with the data of your competitor’s website. Do improvements required according to data and beat your competitor in ranking and traffic.

The essential features of SiteChecker are :

  • Its base price is very low
  • It estimates traffic in different periods
  • It chooses websites by their ranks
  • This tool is user friendly

7. Alexa

alexa homepage

Alexa is a tool to get a complete analysis of your competitor’s website. It analyses the website’s strengths, marketing opportunities, and weaknesses. You can make their weakness your strength and you can drive more traffic to your website.

This is easy to use, simply enter the website’s domain or URL and click ‘search’. You can easily analyze data of your competitor’s website like organic traffic, SEO keywords, audience insights, etc.

This tool offers a 14-day free trial. If you want to use more features of this tool, you have to pay $149/month. You can get a free analysis of a million sites by installing a browser extension.

The basic features of Alexa are :

  • It has a better user interface
  • It gives you 14 day’s free trial
  • This tool provides all essential features when you pay
  • It gives better insights into site visitors

8. Serpstat

serpstat homepage

Serpstat is a unique tool that provides unique services like Content Marketing Reports, Ideation, and API tools.

To increase search engine clicks, you need to find the questions with the help of Content Marketing Ideation and answer them. You should put keywords related to your topic in the questions. When the clients want answers to that particular question related to your topic, they will visit your website, then you will get more traffic.

Serpstat has a simple dashboard to give you data about clicks, queries, and your projects on a single screen. It also gives details about daily rankings, position tracking, and competitor analysis.

The features of Serpstat are as follows :

  • It is developer-friendly
  • It is a good tool for busy peoples
  • This tool provides Content Marketing Ideas
  • Its price is worth

9. Quantcast

quantcast homepage

Quantcast is a tool that provides a Marketing option to understand your audience and sell your content. If you want more information, they have a free blog source that gets updated regularly.

It provides its services in three different categories. Some services like Quantcast Measure are free to use. While other services require your credit card information. Quantcast Measure gives you detailed insights about your audience, like what they are searching to get on your website.

Quantcast has a feature called Q for publishers. Q for publishers helps you to monetize your digital audience. It includes Content Segments, Campaign Reporting, Measure Profile, and Audience Planner.

The features of Quantcast are :

  • It is beginner-friendly
  • It is easy to use
  • This tool provides free service
  • It offers a free blog to get information

10. SpyFu

spyfu homepage

SpyFu is a tool with an affordable price to get an analysis of competitors. This tool will help you to get the SEO insights of your competitors. You can analyze them and make your website SEO better to get better rank and traffic than them.

If you want to get the traffic analysis of your competitor’s website, then enter the domain of the website to get results. It will give you all data like backlinks on a page, keywords, paid ads, SEO flaws, and traffic overview.

Now you have all data like ad copy combinations and better keywords which help to get good traffic. PPC rankings, and organic search rankings, improve your strategy against them and get better rank and good traffic.

The features of SpyFu are :

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So, here we discussed the Best Website Traffic Estimator Tools. All the tools listed here are different from each other, so you have to choose any tool according to your requirement.

These tools are used by professionals and they are getting better results. You should also use these tools to get the analysis about competitor websites SEO insights and strategies.

Some of these tools provide a 14-day free trial to use and work with it. If you aren’t satisfied, you can go with paid tools listed there.

We hope you liked this article and will stay connected with us to get more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of website traffic estimator tools?

Website Traffic Estimator tools are basically used to do competitor research and to get information about clicks, conversion rates, and website traffic. And with this information, you can improve them on your website.

Which of the website traffic estimator tools are free or give a free trial?

The tools like SimilarWeb, Website IQ, and Quantcast provide free service while the tools WooRank, Alexa, and SpyFu gives free trial.

Are these tools easy to use or need developer knowledge?

Yes, the tools listed here are simple and easy to use and do not require any type of coding and developer knowledge.

What are the features of website traffic estimator tools?

There are some features of these tools you need to know:

  • It helps to make your content strategy strong and helps to provide better keywords, SEO, etc.
  • This tool helps to get the idea about web pages which means which page is working fine and which page needs improvement
  • It gives details about the number of viewers, and their interests on a website

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